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High Voltage Laboratory is one of the oldest laboratories of Electrical Engineering Department of maximum rating 600kV. Major Activities are Research & Development, Consultancy and Classes for Undergraduates and postgraduates. It has facilities for power frequency high voltage generation up to 300 kV; Impulse Voltage Generation 600 kV, 18 kJ; Transformer Oil Test Kit 60 kV; High Voltage AC Test Source 30 kVA, 0.4/300 kV, 50 Hz; etc.

Experiments of High Voltage Lab  

  1. High Voltage ac power frequency test transformer   Download Manual

  2. Impulse Voltage Generator   Download Manual

  3. Condition Monitoring of Distribution Transformer   Download Manual

  4. Measurment of Soil Resistivity   Download Manual

  5. Flashover Experiment   Download Manual

  6. Dielectric test on Transformer oil   Download Manual

  7. Capacitance & Tangent Loss measurement   Download Manual

Download Information about Air density and Humidity correction

Download Information about Laboratory

Virtual High Voltage Laboratory (from outside Institute LAN)

Virtual High Voltage Laboratory (within Institute LAN)

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